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Brussels Weekend

How to spend 3 days in Brussels

Brussels has enough to keep anyone fascinated, entertained and well-fed. What follows are suggestions for what one might do on a weekend covering a whole range of activities. Select according to your taste and energy level.


Suggested ideas on how to spend a Weekend in Brussels




You best have a brunch at the Bla Bla Gallery which is very close to the old part and the best part of Brussels.
After you are done with your brunch you can go to see the Manneken Pis and the Grand Place with the Town Hall.

These are the landmarks of Brussels along with the Atomium and the Mini Europe.

Afternoon Then after you are done seeing the old town you can head towards the Chocolate Museum and spend a nice and sweet afternoon there until you are hungry enough to have dinner (if you are still hungry).

Of course there are a lot of restaurants you can go to in Brussels and most of them have really good food. Only to name a few in walking distance:

Le Roy d'Espagne

Le Taverne du Passage


Aux Armes de Bruxelles


Beursschouwburg Cafe

Zebra Bar

La Becasse (for Beer fans)

La Morte Subite

Le Falstaff

Bazaar (Salsa)

Canoa - Quebrada (Salsa)




Incase you are not too tired from Friday night you should have breakfast at the Cafe Wittamer which is on the Place du Grand Sablon.

As you are already on the Place du Grand Sablon you could try out the Antique Market which is just around that area.






If you are not hungry for lunch after the market or if you want to skip it then we recommend you to stroll down the Boulevard of Waterloo and the Avenue Louise for window - shopping.

You could also visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (for Breugel, Bosch and Rubens) and the adjoining Modern Art Museum (for Magritte, Delvaux, Ensor, Wouters, Permeke and Alechinsky).

If that's still not enough or you don't want to do any of the above then you would probably enjoy the Brewery Museum which is on the Grand Place.


If you are having lunch we suggest you the Le Perroquet or the Vieux St. Martin which is on the Grand Sablon, in the same area you will appreciate the architecture of the Notre Dame du Sablon's Church.


This nice area is just a few steps aways from the Petit Sablon where you can picture an amazing garden.


For Desserts you can go to Cafe Wittamer (again, if you had breakfast) or you could try the pralines of Marcolini.

After having your lunch you could go shopping at the elegant Galeries Royales Saint - Hubert, you could see the famous Victor Horta Museum with its amazing architecture or you buy souvenirs as that is also a good way to experience Belgium because you will find a lot of local chocolates, laces, beer and leather goods.


Incase you are traveling with children then the Mini - Europe at the Heysel would be a good idea to visit. There are also films nearby at Kinepolis and of course the well-known Atomium.


We would suggest you to dine at La Quincaillerie. However, if you'd like to dine near the city center there are a lot of good options too. For example you could go to Bonsoir Clara or to La Grande Porte.

If you want to try one of the best restaurants but also one of the most expensive restaurants in Brussels you should go to Comme Chez Soi. This is the perfect place to treat yourself for a special dinner.

For drinks you should visit the Place du Chatelain in Ixelles.


On a Saturday night it's the perfect time to visit a concert at the Palais des Beaux - Arts (Bozar). If you are into classical music you should try the Eglise Protestante. If you are looking for jazz music, then go top the Music Village.

For films try the nostalgic Movy Club or the Art - House Arenberg.

If you have missed going out to try one of the 400 beers on Friday night then you should not waste your time and do it today at one of the many bars or cafes in Brussels.


As an example the pictured Place Flagey is a nice place to party, as well as:

- Place Luxembourg
- Place du Chatelain
- Sainte-Catherine
- La Bourse
- Halles Saint-Gery




You can visit the morning concert on the Bois de la Cambre or in Sablon's Eglise des Mimines.

You have your brunch in Het Warm Water or in a cafe that you find somewhere while strolling along down the streets.

If you liked the Antique Market you can try the Flea Market on the Place du Jeu de Balle today.


A Museum that you should not miss would be the Magritte Museum.







If you like to see cathedrals and churches you can find many of them in Brussels. We recommend the Basilique du Sacre - Coeur which is on Koekelberg. It is the fifth biggest church in the world and one of the most amazing and beautiful ones.

If you'd like to go shopping, there are many places that are opened on Sunday. If you walk around in the centre of the city you will find lots of shops there.


Have lunch at the Bruneau Restaurant which is just across the Basilique du Sacre - Coeur.

You can try the Stekerlapatte or for a late lunch on the Rue Royal the De Ultieme Hallucinatie which is an Art Nouveau Brasserie and you surely will have good there.


After lunch you should take a look at the Royal Palace and sample some ice cream at the Chez Manneken which is near the Grand Place.

You should also take a look at the Maison d'Erasme, where Erasme stayed about 500 years back.

It is also the perfect day to visit the famous Museum of Musical Instruments (MIM) of Brussels.

Usually all the museums are opened on Sunday so if none of the above is in your interest then check for another museum.


We suggest you to have dinner at the Armes de Bruxelles.

You can also go to 't Kelderke or Restaurant Vincent. You should also try the famous belgian mussels or the "frites".

If you wanted to send postcards then you should maybe sit in one of the nice restaurants, bar, pubs or cafes now and write them.


As you probably will leave Brussels very early tomorrow we wont tempt you suggesting a good bar. Incase you still want to go out there are plenty of good pubs and bars all around the city center so just keep looking while walking.


Before you go:

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Museums and Attractions Passes:
The "Must of Brussels" is a booklet consisting of 9 vouchers.  It allows you to discover several Brussels attractions or museums.  This booklet offer up to 35% reduction on individual prices.
The "Brussels Card" gives free access to nearly all the Brussels museums and FREE Brussels (STIB) public transport for a period of 72hours. It is valid for three days and includes a chip card, a ticket for public transport and an illustrated guide.  It also allows for a 25% reduction in the well-known mussels restaurant "Chez Léon", when using the service of  the "Brussels Line", the blue double-decker buses that take you through the city, and on the entrance fee at the Museum of the Royal Toone Theatre. The Brussels Card is available at tourist information counters, hotels, museums and agencies of the Brussels public transport.   The costs is 30euro.
The Mount of Arts on Sundays - Special pass: a special pass valid on Sundays that gives access to activities and the permanent collections in the museums and other cultural institutions on the Mount of Arts. A morning concert in the Centre for Fine Arts, a workshop for children, a visit to temporary exhibitions, etc.
Travel around with the "One-Day Travelcard". It allows you to travel anywhere by using the Brussels public transportation (metro, tram and  bus), as many times as you wish for the modest price of 3.80 Euro; on Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday Days the card is valid for two persons traveling together. Also available a card that offers unlimited 3 days travel within a period of 5 days for 9 Euro.  Available at STIB ticket counters and tourist offices in Brussels.
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