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Charleroi is the largest city in Wallonia and the second largest airport city in Belgium. With a great central location, you can visit all of Europe using Ryanair, departing from Brussels South Charleroi Airport multiple times a day.


Getting There:

There are two direct trains from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) per hour and a ticket costs 13.40 euro.

Charleroi Must-Sees

Museum of Fine Arts and Jules Destree Museum
Those two museums are located in the Charleroi Town Hall and complement each other in terms of their collection.

The Museum of Fine Arts offers a rich collection that covers the main artistic schools in Belgium from the 19th century to the 20th century: neo-classicism, realism, social realism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism and abstract art, with some famous names like Navez, Portaels, Rops, Meunier, Paulus, Boch, Magritte and Delvaux.

The Jules Destrée (previous Minister of Science and Arts) houses archives, works, documents and miscellaneous items from a man with a rich, multifaceted personality which dates from the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. This museum highlights his approach to life and work that is still very much present in debates and in our political, cultural and ethical life. This site is therefore a laboratory of his experience and reflection that allows everyone to appreciate the rich cultural and intellectual legacy handed down to future generations.

Musee de la photographie (Photography Museum)

The largest Museum of Photography in Europe. The Museum is located in the former Carmelite monastery of Mont-sur-Marchienne.
It covers the entire history of photography until more recent contemporary developments. The museum offers glimpses into the field of aesthetic research, the struggles of humanists and artistic movements along with the development of photographic technique.
This look at some aspects of history, as it were, through the camera lens reveals the rich and dynamic world of photography.
A specialized library and a documentation centre are open to students and researchers, and an educational service offers a fun and creative approach to photography in the Discovery Area and through different forms of entertainment

Glass Museum

The Glass Museum traces the origin and history of glass, the development of its use and its decoration, its composition, specific characteristics and its applications today. A remarkable collection of glasswork covers the history of this material from the urns and blown plates of the early days of our era to contemporary sculptures, including the highly ornate glass of Venice, the scintillating crystal of the 19th century, the delicate etched glass of Germany and Bohemia and the splendours of Art Nouveau. One section is devoted to the history of the technology of both hollow glass and flat glass. Temporary exhibition rooms, a library and audiovisual documentaries provide extra insight.

Town Hall

A combination of Classical and Art Deco architecture with 47 bells playing "Land of Charleroi- It is you I love best" each hour

The Tour de Gosselies

It is the only remains of the Bousies chateau, stands as a silent witness of the old fortress and domain of Gosselies.

The Cartier Chateau

A beautiful 17th century aristocratic residence surrounded by gardens and an estate

Sainte-Vierge-Marie Church

This gothic style church houses 15th century tombstones in honor of Jean de Hamal, lord of Monceau, and his two wives.

Bois du Cazier

The Bois du Cazier, where a mining disaster took place on 8 August 1956 in which 262 men of 12 different nationalities lost their lives.

Social Leisure Centre of Marcinelle

150 hectare wooded estate with youth center, lakes, restaurants, game park, mini golf, walking circuits and more


Where to Eat in Charleroi
L'Eveil Des Sens * (Charleroi) Le Mont-a-Gourmet(Gouy-Lez-Pieton near Charleroi)

Pouic-Pouic * (Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont near Charleroi)



Other Places of Interest

Charleroi Sunday Market

Tradition dates back to 1709 and remains very popular today


International Arts festival every two years


Aboretum of Manceau-sur-Sambre, Arboetum of the Serna Park in Jumet, and Lambert Park