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Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Belgian Cuisine

Anguille au Vert

Eel in a delicious green herb sauce.

Belgian waiter

Asparagus "a la Flamande"

White asparagus served with a creamy sauce and eggs.

white asparagus

Belgian Fries

They are not "French" but Belgian !

French fries

Boudin Blanc & Boudin Noir

Blood Sausages you have to try; made by artisans.

Blood Sausages


A beef stew cooked in Belgian brown beer.

Beer Stew


Nobody does chocolate like we do.

Belgian Chocolate

Croquettes of Gray Shrimp

A delicious cocktail snack or as an appetizer.

Shrimp Croquettes


All endives sold in the US are imported from Belgium.


Filet Americain

Although it has America in the name, Belgians love it; raw beef with several secret ingredients.  A must for the daring traveler.

Rue de Boucher


In the Ardennes, game is prepared in too many delicious ways to mention.

Game meat


Queen's snacks- delicious chicken in puff  pastry.

Belgian dining

Mussels & Fries (Moules & Frites)

Mussels are cooked in a variety of ways.

mussels and frites


Fried pastry served hot at fairs & festivals. Children of any age adore them.

Belgian cuisine


Delicious cookies made in December and throughout the year in various shapes, available at good bakery shops.

speculoos cookies

Tomatoes Stuffed with Shrimp

Often served as appetizer, simply delicious.  Gray shrimp are very hard to get in the US, so eat them in Belgium.

stuffed tomato


From a street vendor or in a gourmet restaurant - don't leave Belgium without trying one!

Belgian Waffle


This soup-as-a-meal dish, with chicken or sometimes fish, is a delicacy from Ghent.