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Spa Treatment


There is no better way to treat yourself than with a spa getaway. And there is no better place to do so than in Belgium, the country where are all Spas get their name from. Health resort treatment centers are blossoming everywhere in Brussels and Belgium as a whole. In addition to the listings below, several hotels at the Belgian seaside offer marine treatments and swimming pools filled with seawater.


Spa Facilities

Thermes de Spa

Find well being where the springs of Spa have gushed their virtues since 1868. In newly renovated facilities experience hydrotherapy, Turkish Baths, saunas, refreshing showers and Le Centre Beauté. Located in the hills of Annette and Lubin in Spa.

Espace Bien-Etre Wellness & Beauty Center

The balneotherapy center includes: Sauna, Swimming pool, Hammam, Jacuzzi, Sensorial isolation tank, Seats of massage, Swimming against the current, Hydro Jet massage, Deckchairs, Place of relaxation and Sports hall.

Chaudfontaines Spa Center

In the intimate atmosphere of an 18th century castle you can experience the most innovative body-care techniques performed by a friendly, professional team. Located in French speaking Wallonia in Chaudfontaines.

Quartier-Latin Marche-En-Famenne

Quartier Latin Hotel in the center of Marche-En-Famenne invites you to discover the history and ambience of the Ardenne region. Just one hour from Brussels and Luxembourg, the top quality accommodation packages offer you the opportunity to explore this vibrant and attractive region.

Martin' Spa

In this temple of revitalisation, an ultra-sensorial earthly journey of beauty and wellbeing awaits you. A full palette of expert face and body treatments, some of which especially designed for men, which distil the pleasures of the senses and the serenity of the spirit: Thermo-Spa, balneotherapy, exfoliation, massage and beauty rituals, the radiating soothing of chromotherapy and the luminous air of relaxation to release tensions and cleanse profoundly¦ Like a rebirth for you and for the world. For him and her. Solo or duo.

Serendip Spa (Brussels)

The Serendip Spa team offers an impeccable, professional service, personalised with the warmth of the East.

A unique set of treatment from around the world. Ancient techniques that maintain their integrity and original essence whilst respecting present day needs.

Spa Sol'Esta-Bois-De-Villers

From Orient to Occident, modern and ancestral traditions. Glance on our ancestors...Breathe ancetral smells and feeling. Sail Thru Oceans and Continents and search still undiscovered secrets ritual and wellness.

Aspria (Brussels)

Aspria Club is a contemporary club at the heart of life in the busy cosmopolitan city of Brussels. Conveniently situated a stone's throw from the EU quarter, it's a bright, dynamic space, flooded with natural light, where members of a professional, multinational community can make the most of their precious me-time.