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Often referred to as the Pearl of the Ardennes, Spa is an attractive Belgian town in a wooded valley surrounded by undulating hills and countless rivers and springs.


Getting There:

The easiest way to get to Spa is by driving. From Brussels, follow the E-40 towards Liege. If you prefer to travel by train, you can take it from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) to Pepinster where you can transfer to the L5476 in the direction of Spa-Geronstere. The trip will cost 18.10 euro.


Spa Must-Sees

"les Thermes de Spa"

The new spa has been newly renovated with around 8600 square feet of hot swimming pools, with water temperatures of 90 degrees. Open for visits ranging from a few hours to a full day, this spa will take you straight to a state of blissful relaxation. The water comes directly from the "Clementine" spring, and is filled with natural minerals good for cleaning the skin.

Thanks to the bells of water, geysers, bubble seats, couches and other bubbling water cannons, you will be relax, unwinded and tone up.

Covered Leopold II Gallery

It is one of those typical late 19th century galleries that can be found in most health resorts. Since 1878, it connects two little pavilions. A total of 160 columns support the metal roof with its wooden ceiling. Originally, it was beautifully decorated and illuminated with gas lanterns.

Casino of Spa

This casino is the oldest in the world. Its building was started in 1763 by the prince-bishop of Liege.

Laundry Museum

The 25 rooms of this unusual museum evoke the evolution of the washing techniques from Antiquity to present times. Old washing machines that still function, the reconstitution of a laundry, the ironing method, the history of soap and entertainment for children.


Where to Eat in Spa

Manoir de Lebioles (Spa) Le Grand Maur (Spa) Le Bouchon Gourmand (Spa)
Au Vieux Sultan (Faymonville near Spa) La Croustade (Heusy near Spa) Cyrano (Waimes near Spa)
Hostellerie du Postay (Pepinster near Spa) Hostellerie Lafarque(Pepinster near Spa)
Hotel du Moulin(Ligneuville near Spa)
Hotel Zur Post (Saint-Vith near Spa) Le Clos vieux Mayeur(Hamoir near Spa) Le Coin des Saveurs (Verviers near Spa)
Le Petit Normand (Sart-Lez-Spa near Spa) Le Roannay(Francorchamps near Spa) Maison Fagnes(Jalhay near Spa)
Zabonpres (Stoumont near Spa)

Le Castel du Val d'Or (Ocquier same distance from Spa and Liege) Le Charmes-Chambertin(Thimister-Clermont same distance from Spa and Liege) Didier Galet(Sprimont same distance from Spa and Liege)


Other Places of Interest

Francofolies de Spa

This is the most important musical event of the french-speaking community in Belgium. It has a family friendly atmosphere and generates a feeling of welcome that you can find in Spa the whole summer.

Grand Prix of Belgium

For more than five decades the Formula 1 race is held annually at the spectacular Spa-Francorchamps track.