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Belgium has hundreds of kilometers of rivers, streams, waterways and lakes, making it a paradise for anglers. Depending on the time of year and the location, you can fish for trout, barbell, coarse fish, perch, pike, zander, chub and grayling.

Before you grab your fishing rod, please be aware of the fishing procedures and restrictions. You will need to hold a current fishing licence, compulsory for fishing in all public waterways.

There are two types of Belgium fishing licenses. One only authorizes fishing from the bank (13 Euros), the second also allows fishing in a rowing boat,from a pier or standing in the water (38 Euros).The license is good for the year you buy it in, no matter when you buy it and can purchased in any post office. Some areas also require a local license. No license is needed to fish at sea. Fishing is allowed from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sundown (NO NIGHT FISHING).

The fishing permit can be downloaded on the website of La Maison de la Peche.

Generally speaking trout season opens on the third Saturday of March and runs to 30 September. Grayling season opens on the third Saturday of June and runs to 31 December.

Areas were fishing is forbidden are indicated by the administration with signs picturing an angler crossed with a red stripe. One or two complementary arrows indicate the direction of the interdiction. Areas where fishing is forbidden are usually located in the vicinity of dams and sluices, yachting harbors and spawning areas.

The here above mentioned information is only a brief summary of the existing regulations, we therefore strongly advise the visiting angler to inquire about these regulations in their entirety.

Belgian Coast

A few thousand inhabitants live from fishing. Coastal fishing provides mussels, crabs and shrimps. Sea fishing supplies the country with cod, herring, haddock, plaice, sole and ray.

Nieuwpoort and Blankenberge are a real paradise for anglers.

You can cast a line free of charge from the jetties and in the harbor basin and even from the beach.Bag nets are for hire on the jetty. During the high season there are specified beach zones set aside for coastal anglers.

If you have a permit or a holiday licence, you can fish on the lake 'De Fonteintjes', or the Blankenberge canal.

In the harbors you can board a fishing boat that will take you to suitable fishing grounds. You can embark in Ostend on the Bounty 1 or 2.


The best fishing areas are along certain stretches of the Ourthe and Lhomme rivers in the Ardennes and also take advantage of the exceptional resources of the Ourthe and Laval rivers in the Land of Bastogne. Calculated to leave you time to enjoy your preferred hobby, river or pond fishing (trout, pike, white fish…). A region appreciated by fishermen and where quiet and peace are synonym of holidays.

A map about fishing space in Wallonia can be obtained free of charge at the DGRNE : Tel : 32 (0)81/33.51.80

More information about fishing in Wallonia can be found on the website of Wallon Fishing Tourism

"Fishing" gites: Gites and Guestrooms with a Theme. Close to rivers, ponds or lakes, this gites and guestrooms will allow you great opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of fishing.

The Forges-basses at Mellier-Léglise near Bastogne, Chateau de Laval between Bastogne and St. Hubert, Le Marronnier at Straimont dans les Ardennes Belges, Au Rovi tot in the south of the province of Namur and in the center of the Natural reserve Viroin-Hermeton.